ACE Dance Mapping Survey

The following email from the Arts Council cried out to be copied and pasted:

Arts Council England (ACE) needs your help to create a picture, or ‘map’, of dance in this country. This work is being carried out to develop a comprehensive snapshot of achievements and challenges across the dance field.

ACE will use this to both inform you in developing your work, and help to ensure their resources are used to build dance into a stronger, more vibrant and sustainable art form. ACE now needs you to help create that picture by filling in at least one of three surveys:

The workforce survey is intended to capture the whole of the dance workforce so it is not just for performers. If you are a consultant earning part of your living from dance, dance critic, teacher or producer we want to hear from you. The research was commissioned by The Arts CounciL in mid 2008 and they are collating primary data which aims to:

  • Generate a clear picture of ACE investment in dance across the nine English regions over the period 2004-2008
  • Identify the impact of this on participation and other investment
  • Identify trends in the dance ecology, economy and environment
  • Identify and understand the dynamic of the dance field and the various parts of it.

Arts Council England will be pulling together existing research and generating new research that will help them better understand the ecology, economy, environment and various segments and processes of Dance in England.

Surveys will be live until January 23rd 2009. Find out more information by visiting Arts Council Dance Mapping


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