No Body does it better than Luca Silvestrini…

Did you know that it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open? Or … That three hundred million cells die in your body every minute? Yes the human body is a fascinating marvel, capable of some pretty exciting and disgusting achievements. To celebrate the human form in all its wobbly, stubbly, glory then why not come to Protein’s performance of their hit show Dear Body at The Patrick Centre on Thursday 22 – Fri 23 January at 8pm.


Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein presents a witty satire on our society’s obsession with body image and body care. Dear Body follows the story of an insecure and rather timid central character (played by Sally Marie, Dance Europe’s Best Female Performer 2007) as she struggles to mould herself into the “perfect shape”. Watch as fitness instructors, plastic surgeons and weight watchers put her through a gruelling aerobic, stretching and detox routine to achieve what she believes is the perfect body.
“A rib-tickling dissection of the quest for the body beautiful.” Metro

For tickets,  more information or to watch a trailer click here


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