Fuzzy feelings at DanceXchange


Anna Cook from Audience Central reports on a couple of examples of impressive customer service from the good people at DanceXchange. Stories like this are few and far between but tend to warm the cockles when they do emerge (although a minor disclaimer – DX is an Audiences Central member).

The first concerns a trip to see Bare Bones 6. An injury to one of the dancers meant that three of the four pieces had to be altered so the show could go on with no cuts. As Anna says:

I’ve no idea how they made a hugely interactive trio, where the dancers were completely intertwined and relied on the accompanying sound effects even to move, into such a seamless duet with less than an hour to practice. Their concern for us punters really came through and the company delivered a great show in the face of adversity.

The other shining example concerns DX’s dance classes, a lady with no means of transport, a helpful volunteer and a lovely gesture from DX. Read the whole of Anna Cook’s post on the Audiences Central blog.

Are there any more stories like this? If so it’d be good to hear about them.


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